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Elan Organic Raw Brazil Nuts have a delicate creamy flavour and are a source of fiber. Unlike crunchy, roasted nuts, these raw untreated Brazil nuts are fresh and delicious. Try adding them to your classic cuisine recipes for added rich flavor and texture. Or pack them up and eat them on-the-go as a decadent, natural snack.

Certified: organic, gluten-free and Kosher

Non-GMO, sulfite-free, vegetarian, vegan and all-natural

Keep cool and dry

Ingredients: Organic raw Brazil nuts

May contain: Peanuts, Other tree nuts

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa Park
I love Elan’s Organic Raw Brazil Nuts

I live in an area that have a very limited supply of gluten free options when it comes to nuts, seeds and snacks. When I discovered that I can get these wonderful products delivered to my door I was ecstatic.
I eat two Elan Organic Raw Brazil nuts each morning to get the recommended selenium intake as a supplement to help with my Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease in my thyroid to help lower thyroid antibodies.