Our Story

When Elan began in 2010, we saw people looking for organic, plant-based food options to support their health. Since then, our family-run business has continually worked to provide a diverse range of products, all with function at their core. We want to feed customers like we feed our family - with high-quality food!



Elan selects not only the best ingredients, and maintains their quality throughout our production process. From conceptualizing recipes and brainstorming products, we ensure that all of our selected ingredients are then minimally processed. Our production facility in Montreal, Canada is the heart of our business.

Environmental Impact


While we know caring for our bodies is important, so is caring for the planet! In October 2019, we installed solar panels at our headquarters, which has allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 62,000km of driving! That is comparable to nearly 400 new trees being planted. 
Our packaging is designed in-house, is BPA-free, and is recyclable in recycling plants that can do the recycle process #7. The materials were meticulously selected to ensure long shelf life of our delicious products, with our goal of reducing food waste in mind. To help with this goal, as well as support our community, we frequently donate goods to Moisson Montréal, a nationally-renowned food bank that distributes food to NGOs around the city of Montreal.
We are currently working towards the goal of having entirely compostable packaging, while still being able to maintain the freshness of our products.